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Dispute & employee relations management

Asia HR can provide experts in all facets of industrial relations, including redundancies and redeployments, design, negotiation and implementation of enterprise agreements, contract design, mediation and court representation.

Asia HR has the experience and capability to align your business strategy and intentions with an effective employee relations strategy. We can draft your communications strategy, negotiate with your employees or their representatives, draft agreements, arrange votes, train management and staff in the changes to employment conditions, and conduct modeling of the new conditions against old conditions or underpinning awards, contracts and policies.

Our strong alliances in the field of employee relations also give us access to the best legal advice in terms of trends, approaches and strategies.

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Employment contracts

Asia HR has the capacity to provide you with employment contracts for your full time, part time, casual, temporary staff and contractors. These contracts will be up to date in terms of current legislation but at the same time are written in plain English. We can also assit you in determining contract breaches, changes and ammendments, as well as probation contract terms.

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Position descriptions

Asia HR understands how important it is to align work and outcomes. As a result, our experts can assist you in the construction of meaningful position descriptions that actually reflect the work desired to be undertaken. Using this framework, Asia HR can then help develop performance targets and management systems that actually monitor expectation and delivery of work. Our one-on-one performance system takes away the pain of annual appraisals but leaves the information around behavioural and operational performance.

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Discrimination & diversity

It is becoming increasingly important that your managers and employees understand what discrimination, harassment and bullying are and why it is undesirable in the workplace. Asia HR can provide meaningful training on-site to ensure everyone understands the important points of Australian anti-discrimination laws and what constitutes unlawful behaviour. We will help you establish the best ways to handle complaints so that everyone knows their rights and responsibilities, making your work environment a positive place to work.

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Legal advice

The Asia HR legal team are experienced employee relations solicitors and human resources practitioners who have and can work at every level of the industrial relations spectrum. Our team’s learning can be collectively applied to your short and long term planning, allowing you to anticipate and therefore manage almost every eventuality. Asia HR can build your plans with you, research your situation and its stakeholders, and provide you with scenarios for consideration. We can test plans and assumptions prior to implementation and organise post-implementation reviews.

Asia HR will ensure that your business plans and goals can be supported by an effective employee relations strategy. We can apply best-practice approaches with research nationally and internationally that help construct plans that work. Then our lawyers can defend these actions on your behalf. It’s the complete solution.

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Performance management

Asia HR has developed a one-on-one performance system that actually works because it does not focus on individual performances as the sole element, but as a component of business outcomes and goals. The system replaces the need for a large and irrelevant annual appraisal. This method is designed to dovetail with position descriptions of the organisation so that its intended work aligns with expected outcomes. This approach also encompasses values and behaviours as much as key result areas. It also integrates with developmental activities which fold back into the performance review.

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Exit interviews

Asia HR is in a position where it can independently gather exiting employees’ information on your company's behalf. Using online questions tailored to your environment, Asia HR is able to provide you with timely and accurate feedback on why employees are leaving your company. Being a neutral and impartial part of this process allows Asia HR the ability to extract more honest and qualitative information than most in-house exercises are able to. Asia HR can provide you with individual and cumulative data and can assist you to analyse the results of your exit interviews and trends and apply strategies that may arrest undesirable turnover.

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