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On-site support

Asia HR can provide your business with full-time, part-time and casual human resources support. Whether you have an existing HR function or not, Asia HR is in a position to provide you with exactly the kind of HR support you need to grow your operation. We have the capacity to build a complete HR infrastructure quickly and effectively, then support it with qualified HR practitioners at all levels.

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Offsite Human Resources

Asia HR can provide support in a day to day operating environment totaling up to 60 hours a week, 8am - 8pm, Monday to Friday either by telephone, email or on-site presence.

This is the ideal service for those businesses that need a superior HR function but cannot afford to support one, or who chose not to have one. It is perfect for the Company looking for a blend of strategic, tactical and operational support or with multiple sites that are difficult to support. You get a practical solution to your human resources dilemmas, with HR expertise giving you instant solutions in a quality delivery model. Your "just-in-time" information will save you from costs and incidents that you simply can't afford.

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Online policies & procedures

Asia HR has built a complete on-line human resources system that is flexible enough to be easily tailored to provide any size company with Human Resources support safely. Constructed in HTML, the Asia HR System is securely hosted on the Internet, allowing your employees and managers access to the myriad of human resources information and support material necessary to run today’s modern business. Access is controlled by secured password application.

We will work closely with you to assist in the development or refinement of your philosophies and policies in the twelve key areas of human resources, using our unique tailoring process. The speed of the implementation is only limited by your ability to finalise decisions on proposed philosophies and policy statements which is generally around 4 weeks. Your final site, in your corporate colours and logo will house over 600 pages of information that can be accessed in an easy to navigate format.

With your Asia HR system you will get a tailored human resources infrastructure on-line and reflecting the culture and direction of your company, with policies, procedures, philosophies, forms, legal advice and help-line information on every component of human resources. More importantly, we will keep it up to date with all the latest legislated changes as well as changes you wish to make inside your business.

Your Asia HR system is a cash-flow friendly investment without the capital expenditure you don't really want to spend on HR. It’s the ideal solution and our Asia HR system clients are between 20 and over 1,000 employees strong.

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HR consulting

Asia HR practitioners can work with you ony any HR based project, determining the change management issues that will confront your workforce and provide strategies that help you overcome these obstacles. We can then make the hands-on delivery component work in your operation and hand over to any in-house personnel for on-going maintenance. Projects can vary from recruitment, restructures, outsourcing, redundancies, OH&S, attraction and retention, remuneration etc...

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HR compliance audits

HR compliance audits allow businesses to gain an accurate picture of how effective are their current people management practices in the business. It determines the commercial and legal exposures caused by absent or poor practices. It also evaluates the usefulness, availability and effectiveness of the human resources approaches that are in place. It allows businesses to prioritise, segment, cost and modify elements of human resources in their business at their discretion. When Asia HR undertakes a HR compliance audit exercise, it sends in HR experts to conduct a first hand, measurable and defined evaluation of every aspect of your people management activities. Evaluating over 250 aspects of people management, a complete audit of all of the current practices in human resources can be accurately assessed. The evaluation defines how human resources support the culture, vision and values of the organisation and makes recommendations as to how improvements to people management can be made.

Key areas covered include:

*Structure *Policies *philosophies and procedures *Performance management *Remuneration and benefits *Change management *Employee relations * Recruitment & Selection * Training & Development * Occupational Health & Safety * Career path planning * Workforce Planning * Position and Workflow analysis

On average, the HR compliance audit exercise takes between 7 and 10 working days to complete to the point of presentation and report submission. The client will receive a detailed analysis that Identifies whether an acceptable standard of human resources practices exists, Identifies where superior standards are being applied, and identifies & prioritises where improvements are necessary. This provides a gap analysis between current and recognised levels of performance based entirely on observable facts and set a benchmark that acknowledges attainment of certain standards.

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Performance & appraisal systems

Asia HR 1-on-1 performance system actually works because it does not focus on individual performance as the sole element, but as a component of business outcomes and goals. The system replaces the need for a large (and irrelevant) annual appraisal. It is a 2 way system which allows the employee to come to the discussion with their view on performance.

1-on-1divides into 2 segments, one dealing on performance and the other on development. The performance segment again evaluates 2 components. The 1st is performance against monthly objectives. This is covered off in a 30-45 minute conversation monthly. The 2nd component discusses the employee's behaviours and occurs quarterly. Both of these components can be customised to meet client requirements. Development discussions are taken from the performance discussions and transferred into monthly objectives and reviewed in total bi-annually.

1-on-1 is designed to dove-tail in with position descriptions so it becomes a matter of cut-and-paste to get the employee set up on the system. It is also designed so that the forms used are included in a folder designed in a manner that all of the rules, processes and roles around the system are printed on the folder itself, making the "rule book" never separate from the process. 1-on-1 works because it is a business tool that acts like a "work in progress" tracker rather than the traditional appraisal that is actually an annual waste of time, effort and sense.

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