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Downsizing & retrenchments

Sometimes business demands a rethink in terms of its personnel. Asia HR practitioners have many years experience in restructures, downsizing and redeployment exercises. Using its strong strategic capabilities, totalHR can work with you to provide professional and caring outcomes from outplacement to redundancy discussions. In managing these programs effectively we have found that by the end of the exercise you command as much respect from those employees not directly affected as those who might be leaving. That’s what you want your company to be known and respected for. We can help you achieve that goal every time.

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People management strategy

Asia HR traditionally engages human resources practitioners that have worked at director and executive levels across Australia and other international marketplaces. With this capability we have the ability to offer you some of finest minds in people management. Our capacity to deliver high level HR strategy in areas from business restructure through to acquisitions and divestments is unparalleled.

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HR strategy

Almost every business needs a business plan if it is to actively plot its future. A significant component of this is the people management strategy. Given every activity in the business is undertaken by people, either directly or indirectly, it makes sense to use experienced and highly qualified practitioners to construct or evaluate your HR strategy or any of the many projects in your business that requires an HR strategic response.

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Divestment & listing

The sale of a business or a portion of it can be a complex but rewarding process. At Asia HR you can completely rely on our experienced and qualified team to carry out the transition of your operation to the successful vendor. This includes the management of employees who may be required in the new entity going forward as well as developing plans to manage the retained workforce.

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Mergers & acquisitions

Senior Asia HR practitioners have a multitude of experiences in the areas of mergers, acquisitions and outsourcing, stretching from small businesses through to multi-billion dollar projects. Managing people through the myriad of cultural, legal and emotional mazes takes real skill and experience that now you can buy. For the sake of a successful new venture, it makes sense to call on someone who knows how to evaluate the people management capacity of the business you are investigating.

It is widely reported that over 70% of mergers and acquisitions fail to meet any of the financial goals expected in their first 3 years. At least 50% of the problems associated with this figure are directly attributed to people issues. totalHR has the capacity to evaluate the business you are interested in by combining software tools with experience in performance evaluation.

Asia HR is able to evaluate 250 aspects of people management in any business, giving you a complete roadmap of what you may be facing. totalHR has developed on-line survey materials that provides an insight into the culture of the business. We can also interview and reference check key personnel as part of the overall strategy. Asia HR is an obvious choice for any M & A activity.

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Business restructuring

Asia HR has the capacity to assist you in any restructuring of your business, whether it involves right-sizing, divestments, redundancies, or reallocation of activities. We can help you assess current performance, determine how the new structure will work from a people and service perspective, and build your plan to make it all happen. Our ability to manage both lafrge and small change management processes is a significant advantage to any business engaging us.

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Workforce planning & management

Asia HR can not only help you analyse your business to determine appropriate levels and classifications of your workforce but can also manage that workforce on your behalf. A modern feature of workforce planning is the ability to outsource the employees who deliver your service, thus reducing the need to support them in terms of employee and payroll administration. This leaves you free to concentrate on your core business whilst demanding the highest levels of support through your tailored service level agreement.

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Succession planning

Asia HR practitioners are comprehensively trained in building your future workforces so that your chances of success are absolutely maximised. From the construction of a skills and knowledge audit through to the evaluation of current workforce capabilities against future needs, Asia HR practitioners can guide you every step of the way. In addition, we can ensure that the succession plans link intelligently with your recruitment and training strategies. We also can build contingency and emergency succession plans tailored to your business strategy.

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