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Recruitment & search

Asia HR counts recruitment and search assignments amongst its key competencies. With many decades of experience in this field, the Asia HR team can produce for you the best possible candidates in what is often a very competitive marketplace. Using well-honed behavioural interviewing skills, we extract quality information from each and every candidate, ensuring the match to the position profile is as close as possible. Asia HR also provides executive search services for its clients. Extending to all senior executive roles, the Asia HR network allows for that right individual to be sourced and delivered into your selection process. Our alliance partners in recruitment allows us to widen our field to capture collective databases and networks in almost every aspect of business, allowing us to find the perfect fit for your company and role.

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Graduate programs

Asia HR has the experience and capacity to assist you in building and supporting your successful graduate campaigns. With access to experts in employer marketing and employment value propositions, Asia HR can deliver you traditional as well as unique sourcing strategies. We can do everything from media planning to advertising toolkits, jobs board design to alumni programs. Our approaches help you attract and retain the best in the graduate market.

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Independent references

Asia HR ensures that all references are checked using the most appropriate referees, not just the ones provided by the candidate. These referees are behaviorally interviewed using the outcomes of the candidate interviews as a base and with guidelines sent along with the position description by the interviewer. A 90 second video synopsis accompanies the on-line delivery of your completed reference.

By using professionals independent of the recruitment practice (from Reference Check Pty Ltd), Asia HR can also check:

  • Resume accuracy
  • Criminal records
  • Academic qualifications
  • Associations & memberships
  • Arrange psychological testing

Given how many people “exaggerate” on their resume, and how important fees are to recruiters, isn’t it worthwhile to have this last step of the selection process done correctly?

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Online induction

Introducing an employee to their new team can be an uncoordinated, administratively base, boring and damaging experienced for both the new starter and the organisation. Organisations can now use a new on-line system called "iinduction" to remedy this situation by providing an interactive, entertaining induction process that can have the employee begin learning well before arriving at the company. It manages all the paperwork and interactions with multiple areas of an organisation that are required to support a new starter, using a security Internet as its platform.

iinduction creates fully customisable websites that are tailored to every individual who joined your organisation. Induction websites are sent by e-mail at the time of the job offer with password protection is attached. New starters can start using the iinduction website well before setting foot in the work location. All administration is done well in advance using the iinduction website. You can also create tests and then examine a new starter in what they are learning from the iinduction website, improving both compliance and productivity. iinduction is the start your new employees deserves!

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People brand strategies

Asia HR has the ability to develop your employer brand so that you greatly enhance your ability to attract and retain the best possible employees. Experts in research, technology and design are available to you to build everything from your creative brand strategy to your web site and social media platforms. Online solutions play such an important part in the overall management of candidates and employees. Asia HR will ensure that your employer value proposition delivers.

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