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L&D strategy

Asia HR has experts working together in the field of Learning and development to deliver any or all of your training solutions. These solutions are then built into formats that comply with your online delivery needs, or can simply be used within traditional frameworks. When dealing with Asia HR around learning and development requirements, you do so knowing that we have the ability to import pre-qualified skills to deal with your training needs. These include:

*Learning architecture *Facilitation and training delivery * Training administration * Training outsourcing * Vendor management *Human Resources training *Communications strategy & training *Psychometric assessment tools *Executive coaching *Knowledge Bank construction *Management & team development

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Learning & development administration

Our Asia HR team has the capacity to manage all of the associated training administration that comes with the development of your employees. This can range from scheduling training and attendees to registration in courses, record keeping, material provisions, facilities management and program evaluations.

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Change management

The dynamic nature of business ensures that there is always a need for well managed change. At Asia HR we have a number of experienced & well qualified HR practitioners who have managed complex and significant change programs on behalf of their clients. From assisting with strategy to determining resources, road-blocks, timing, cultural impacts, costs, communications and the like, our team can help you make your next project a real success.

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Employee development

Asia HR can assist you in the balancing of your employees' development needs against your business' desire for new skills to be developed and deployed. We will work with you to agree how to best cultivate skills and behaviours and determine the most value-adding methods available. We can manage those employees selected for specific development whilst working with your line management to embed and utilise the newly acquired skills.

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Online vocational training

Online learning provides significant advantages to both the employee and the organisation. These can include flexibility in learning, increased retention of learned material, cost effectiveness around delivery, access on demand, and an entertaining and interactive technology platform to work from. Though its consortium approach, Asia HR is able to bring to you hundreds of learning programs from management skills to desktop training.

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Coaching & mentoring

Coaching and mentoring programs are popular with busy executives looking to gain one-on-one support around specific or intricate needs. totalHR has high-level coaches that can apply themselves to your situations and work with individuals or teams to build pragmatic and real-world outcomes. Using both face-to-face and interactive technology, Asia HR can add that extra dimension to your learning strategy.

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Culture surveys

Businesses change so rapidly these days, as do the collection of people that help them function. It is a sensible course of action to keep up to date on how your team views life in your company on a regular basis. Asia HR has spent much time analysing and benchmarking cultural changes in business, using tools and information gathered here and overseas. This has culminated in the construction of a "Zoomerang" which analyses business skills, leadership skills, cultural, and expectation delivery.

The Zoomerang is delivered in a simple software solution via email and the reports generate quick and easy to understand information on the skills, thoughts and perceptions of your people. Zoomerangs are very economic and have remarkably quick turnaround times, allowing you to decide on what priorities and strategies should be next embraced.

In addition to the above, Asia HR can organise “live” pulse surveys using high-tech data input pads that users simply select at a button push. In an instant, a whole room of participants can have their collective thoughts graphed in accordance with your tailored survey. Our trained facilitators can then ask the audience questions to drill down and obtain that unique and fresh information about your business that you’ve always wanted.

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